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Synthetic Liquid Fuels Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1950 Part IV - Oil From Secondary Recovery

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Title Page

Contents 104kb pdf

Preface 55kb pdf

Introduction 1766kb pdf

Section 1
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Origin of program
Secondary recovery
Engineering studies of secondary-recovery fields
Mid-Continent (Bartlesville, Okla.)
Texas (Dallas and Wichita Falls)
California (San Francisco)
Appalachian region (Franklin, Pa.)
Physicochemical studies of interfacial forces in relation to oil production
Section 2
1131kb pdf
Engineering research on secondary-recovery problems
Petroleum Field Office, Franklin, Pa. (Bradford, Pa.)
Shooting oil and gas wells with explosives
Selective plugging of air-gas-injection wells
Studies of earth temperatures and reservoir oil samples
Pore-pattern studies
Flowing of oil wells on gas-injection projects
Cable-tool coring with improved drilling fluids
Petroleum Experiment Station, Bartlesville, Okla.
Locating abandoned wells
Study of water-conditioning plants
Effects of dissolved gases on corrosion of metal by water
Tracer in waters used for subsurface injection
Petroleum Field Office, Sa Francisco, Calif.
Effect of heat on oil recovery
Section 3
725kb pdf
Techniques and laboratory analyses for secondary-recovery research
Core-and water-analysis laboratories
Development of special tools
Electric logging
Petroleum chemistry and refining
Separation and identification of sulfur compounds in petroleum
Characteristics of distillates from high-sulfur compounds in petroleum
Thermal stability of sulfur compounds in distillates and crude oils
Thermal-decomposition studies of pure sulfur compounds