2749. REDCAY, A. K. (Standard Catalytic Co.). Temperature Control in Fischer Synthesis. United States Patent 2,406,851. Sept. 3, 1946; appl. filed Aug. 15, 1941. Serial No. 406,947; 5 claims (Cl. 260-449.6). Chem. Abs., vol. 40, 1946, p. 7226.

To maintain temperature control in exothermic reactions, such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, a cooling liquid is injected into the reaction zone at a plurality of stages. A portion of the product may be recycled, the fluid catalyst may be recirculated, or another liquid such as H2O may be introduced into the reaction zone. In the Fischer synthesis the temperature is controlled within 10 in the reaction zone by recirculating a suspended powdered catalyst and injecting a cooling fluid at a number of stages. Higher boiling constituents of the hydrocarbons boiling in the motorfuel range are returned to the reaction chamber where they vaporize almost completely at the temperature prevailing at their point of entry.