2746. RATCLIFF, W. F. (Standard Oil Development Co.). Production of Alcohols and Gasoline by the Oxo Process. United States Patent 2,623,074, Dec. 23, 1952; appl. filed Aug. 19, 1948, Serial No. 45,038; 9 claims (Cl. 260-638).

Process is given for production of high antiknock gasoline. CO, H2, and olefins are reacted in presence of a carbonylation catalyst at 250-450 F. and pressures of 1,500-4,500 p. s. i. g. The bottoms from this carbonylation process, after the alcohols have been removed by distillation, are used as feed stock to a catalytic reforming process. The bottoms represent 20-30% of the total hydrogenation product. Exceptionally high-octane motor fuel consisting almost entirely of olefinic material and containing < 0.1% O is obtained. 2 foreign patents and 5 United States patents cited.

RAY, E. C. See abs. 2695.