2736. ------. [RADTKE, M.] (Koppers Co.). Water Gas. United States Patent 2,204,001, June 11, 1940; appl. filed Sept. 30, 1937, Serial No. 166,486; in Germany, Oct. 1, 1936; 3 claims (Cl. 48-207). Chem. Zentralb., 1941, I, p. 988; Chem. Abs., vol. 34, 1940, p. 7092.

Describes apparatus and gives a method for generating water gas containing CO and H2 in the ratio 1:2 from solid carbonaceous fuel poor in hydrocarbons of tarry constituents in a water-gas generator. Fuel is supplied at the top, and ash is discharged at the bottom of the bed; air is blasted upward from the bottom through the ash in the lower zone of the fuel bed, and the resultant gases are withdrawn from the top. Alternately, steam is passed down through the fuel bed, and water gas generated is withdrawn through the ash in the lower zone of the bed; concurrently, secondary steam is introduced into the ash in the lower zone to convert part of the CO of the downrun water gas to CO2 in the presence of minerals in the ash. CO : H2 mixture in the proportion of 1:2 is produced in the final downrun water gas, leaving the ash zone in the lower part of the fuel bed.