2734. RADTKE, M. (Koppers Co.). Gases for Hydrocarbon Synthesis. United States Patent 2,266,989, Dec. 23, 1941; appl. filed Sept. 30, 1938, Serial No. 232,476; in Germany, Oct. 1, 1937; 1 claim (Cl. 48-75). Chem. Abs., vol. 36, 1942, p. 2393.

Describes apparatus for producing gases containing CO and H2 in the proportions of about 1:1-2 vols., respectively, comprising a gas heater having a checkerbrick section side by side with an unobstructed checkerless combustion section and connected at their tops for flow of combustion gases up through the combustion section and down through the checkerbrick section and reactant gas reversely; waste-gas offtake means for offtake of waste combustion gases from the base of the checkerbrick section; inlet means for introducing gas to be treated into the base of the checkerbrick section; partial waste-gas-withdrawal means for withdrawing part of the waste gas from the waste gas-offtake means; a cooler, a pressure washer, and a storage chamber, connected in series with the partial waste-gas-withdrawal means for recovery and storage of CO2 from the part of the waste combustion gas withdrawn from the waste-gas-offtake means; adjustable means for introducing CO2 gas from the storage means into the inlet means for introducing gas to be reacted into the base of the checkerbrick section; and means for withdrawing the reacted gas from the lower part of the checkerless combustion section.