2733. PYZEL, R. (M. W. Kellogg Co.). Synthesis of Organic Compounds. United States Patent 2,596,434, May 13, 1952; appl. filed Aug. 20, 1947, Serial No. 769,568; 3 claims (Cl. 260-449.6).

In a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process wherein synthesis gas is passed upward through a suspended finely divided hydrogenation catalyst, a reaction effluent is cooled and condensed to form a liquid phase comprising relatively high boiling and relatively low boiling organic compounds. This liquid phase is stripped of the organic compounds boiling below the initial boiling point of the cooling medium. A small part (about 5 vol. %) of the stripped liquid phase is fractionated to remove the organic compounds boiling above the end boiling point of the cooling medium. The low-boiling portion of the fractionated liquid phase is combined with stripped liquid and the mixture injected into the catalyst as a cooling medium.

PYZHEV, V. M. See abs. 3735.