2722. ------. [PRUDHOMME, E. A.] [Liquid, Petroleumlike Fuel.] French Patent 554,529, June 12, 1923; appl. filed July 28, 1922. Chem. Zentralb., 1924, I, p. 605.

Mixture of CO and H2, after removal of CO2 by washing with K2CO3, is passed over a Ni catalyst on pumice at 180-250. By using a mixture of 3 vol. H7 to 1 vol. CO, almost pure CH4 is obtained. The CH4 with or without addition of CO and H2 is passed over a catalyst of BF3, colloidal Pd, SbCl3, and AlCl3. The liquid obtained thus contains toluol, xylol, cyclohexane, and heptane. If the CH4 is passed through a tube heated to 390 over a Ni or V catalyst, a mixture of C2H2 and H2 is obtained, and over a Ni, Co, or Fe catalyst at 200-300 a petroleum liquid distilling mostly up to 150.