2712. ------. [POTTS, H. E.] (International Hydrocarbon Synthesis Co.). Process and Apparatus for the Production of Hydrocarbons by Reduction of Carbon Monoxide With Hydrogen. British Patent 567,609, Feb. 23, 1945; appl. filed May 12, 1941. Chem. Abs., vol. 41, 1947, p. 2559.

Gives process and apparatus for the production of hydrocarbons with more than 1 C atom in which the distance in the vertical tubes is at least 5 m. between the inlet and outlet openings. The tubes are surrounded by a boiling cooling medium. H2O, diphenyl, glycerin, paraffin oil, and tricresyl phosphate may be used as the cooling medium. The invention allows the gases to be passed through the catalyst tubes at a higher linear velocity, thereby effecting a better transmission of the reaction heat to the cooling wall.