2702. PIRKLE, L. E. (Jasco, Inc.). Purified Soaps From Synthetic Fatty Acids. United States Patent 2,287,128, June 23, 1942. Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 277.

Describes arrangement of apparatus, and a process is employed that may involve subjecting a petroleum wax to limited catalytic oxidation in liquid phase to produce a crude oxidation product containing fatty acids, neutralizing these fatty acids with aqueous alkali to produce an aqueous solution having a soap content of about 20-40%, separating unsaponified and unsaponifiable matter from the resulting aqueous solution of crude soaps, heating the remaining aqueous solution of crude soaps in liquid phase to a temperature of about 275-325, and then subjecting the heated solution to flash vaporization to vaporize about 25-75% of H2O in the heated solution together with impurities therein, separately withdrawing the resulting vapors and recovering as the flash vaporization residue a concentrated aqueous solution of purified soaps.