2691. ------. [PIERCE, J. A.] (Standard Oil Development Co.). Magnetite Containing Catalyst for the Synthesis of Hydrocarbons. United States Patent 2,537,699, Jan. 9, 1951; appl. filed Sept. 12, 1946, Serial No. 696,627; 7 claims (Cl. 260-449.6).

Gives preparation for an alumina-Fe metal-magnetite catalyst. In an example 40 parts by weight of Fe2O3 and 6 parts of powdered Al (13%) were mixed in a clay receptacle. The mixture was ignited. A violent exothermic reaction occurred, which was completed in a relatively short time. The product was cooled to room temperature. It was a hard, porous mass and was strongly magnetic. In another example, 10 parts by weight of CuO and 1 part MnO were mixed with 77 parts Fe2O3 and 13 parts Al powder. In the 3d example 6 parts of Al powder were mixed with 95 parts magnetic Fe3O4. 10 United States patents cited.

------. See abs. 3856, 3857.