2675. PIER, M., AND WINKLER, K. (Standard-I. G. Co.). Conversion of Waste Gases From the Destructive Hydrogenation of Fuels. United States Patent 1,919,857, July 25, 1933. Chem. Abs., vol. 27, 1933, p. 4908.

Gas containing 30-40% CH4 is mixed with CO2; the product contains, in percent: CO2, 23.6; H2, 52; CH4, 22.5; N2, 1.3; and CO, 0.6. It is passed at about 1,100 C. through a furnace filled with refractory masses on which metals with catalytic properties such as Ni have been deposited. The gas mixture leaving the furnace contains in percent: CO, 31.4; H2, 66.2; CO2, 1.1; and N2, 1.3.