2674. PIER, M., AND WIETZEL, G. (I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G.). Methanol Synthesis. United States Patent 1,788,170, Jan. 6, 1931; appl. filed Oct. 27, 1925. Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 715.

For production of organic compounds such as MeOH there is passed over a suitable catalyst such as Fe oxide, in a circulating system, a gas mixture containing a large proportion of inert gas, such as a "power-gas", which has been scrubbed to remove CO2 and then contains CO about 15.3%. H2 about 30.6%, CH4 about 2.8%, and N2 about 51.3%, and part of the residual gas mixture is removed and continuously replaced by fresh gas to constantly maintain a proportion of about 12% CO and 24% H2 in the circulating gas. Temperatures of 200-500 and pressures above 50 atm. are suitable for the process. It is stated that as good yields may be obtained as when employing gases richer in reacting constituents.