2662. ------. [PIER, M., AND FREE, G.] (I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G.). [Process for Producing Antiknock Gasoline From the Hydrocarbon Oils Obtained by the Reduction of Carbon Monoxide.] German Patent Appl. I 63,924, Feb. 25, 1939 (Cl. 23 b-1.04). TOM Reel 41, bag 2,744, item 22, 5 pp.

Before subjecting the raw material to cracking in the presence of catalysts at temperatures 200-450 under pressures of 5-150 atm., it is given a very mild dehydrogenating and isomerizing treatment in the presence of catalysts so that virtually no cracking into low boiling products results. Example: A heavy gasoline b. 100-200 obtained through the reduction of CO is passed over a catalyst consisting of active alumina with 10% of molybdenum oxide at 430 and normal pressure. The product has virtually the same boiling range as the raw material. It contains about 50% of olefins and has an octane number of 60. It is then passed over artificial Al silicate at 460 at a flow rate of 1 kg. oil per 1. of catalyst per hr., whereby 80% by weight of the raw material is converted into a gasoline b. up to 200 (38% up to 100) and having an octane No. of 72 motor method.