2645. PIER, M. (Standard-I. G. Co.). Catalytic Hydrogenation of Mineral Oils. United States Patent 1,845,058, Feb. 16, 1932. Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 2312.

Catalyst particles such as Mo, Cr catalyst are maintained in a state of suspension and eddying motion within the reaction space by means of H2 charged with the vapors of mineral oil undergoing destructive hydrogenation and blown in at sufficient speed but not at such a high speed as would carry away the bulk of the catalyst from the reaction space; any catalyst particles that may be carried along are separated from the reaction gas before condensation takes place by contact with cooler parts of the apparatus. Describes various details of apparatus.

See also French Patent 638,109 (abs. 1242) and British Patent 274,904 (abs. 1225).