2640. ------. [PHINNEY, J. A.] (Stanolind Oil & Gas. Co.). Production of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen. United States Patent 2,482,866, Sept. 27, 1949; appl. filed Nov. 1, 1944, Serial No. 561,352; 1 claim (Cl. 252-373). Chem. Abs., vol. 44, 1950, p. 823.

Natural gas or CH4 and O2-containing gas such as air are contacted with a fluid group VIII metal in a gas generator at approximately 30 p. s. i. gage pressure. 0.6 mol. of O2 per mol. of CH4 is supplied to attain an equilibrium reaction temperature of 1,530 F. favoring conversion of CH4 to 92% H2 and CO in molal ratio 2:1. 6 United States Patents cited.

See abs. 2313.