2630. ------. [PEUKERT, E., AND HILBERATH, F.] (Union rheinische Braunkohlen Kraftstoff A. G.). [Production of Alcohols, Particularly Methanol From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.] German Patent 819,854, Nov. 5, 1951; appl. filed Oct. 2, 1948 (Cl. 12 o). Chem. Zentralb., 1952, I, pp. 1403, 1568.

Synthesis is performed in Fe autoclaves at CO pressures so low that only nonessential amounts of Fe carbonyl are formed. For example, at a total pressure of 300 atm. the CO pressure is kept at 20 atm. It is sufficient if this partial pressure is maintained in the cooler parts (up to 250), whereas in the actual reaction zone the operation can be carried out at higher CO pressures of 30 atm.