2628. PETERS, E. F. (Standard Oil Co. of Indiana). Catalytic Polymerization of α-olefins. United States Patent 2,552,508, May 15, 1951. Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 9555.

Liquid-phase polymerization of tertiary α-olefins, preferably isobutylene, to dimers and trimers principally, by utilizing 5-40% O to prevent the formation of higher polymers with the formation of minor amounts of oxygenated compounds and employing a BF3 catalyst (0.05-30% by weight, based on the olefin) at 70°-250° F. for enough time to effect substantial polymerization. The liquid polymerization products and a liquid catalyst layer are separated, the oxygenated compounds and the BF3 separated from the liquid catalyst layer, and the BF3 is recycled to the polymerization zone.

------. See abs. 628.

PÉTROLE SYNTHETIC. See abs. 23, 24.