2625. PATTERSON, W. S., AND ARMACOST, W. H. (Combustion Engineering-Superheater, Inc.). Synthesis-Gas Generator and Waste-Heat Boiler. United States Patent 2,631,932, Mar. 17, 1953; appl. filed Aug. 8, 1947, Serial No. 767,550; 11 claims (Cl. 48-196).

Describes apparatus such as given in United States Patent 2,603,559 (abs. 2624) in which the gas generator is associated with a waste heat boiler. This invention has to do particularly with the gas-collecting dome and the bundle and parts directly associated with it. These may be fabricated in the shop as a unit or assembled on the ground. 13 United States patents cited.

PAVLIC, A. A. See abs. 149, 150.