2622. ------. [PATART, G.] [Synthesis of Higher Aliphatic Alcohols and Their Separation.] French Patent 598,447, Apr. 9, 1925. British Chem. Abs., B, 1927, p. 347.

Catalysts for reduction of CO or CO2 by H2 under pressure at higher temperatures consist of an intimate mixture of alkali or alkaline-earth oxides with other metallic oxides. For example, ZnO is mixed with K chromate or MnO2 with neutral B or tungstate, the mixture pasted with 10% of a 10-20% dextrin solution, granulated, and dried at <320. Suitable gas mixture contains 50 vol. H2:40 vol. CO. During the reduction, performed at 330-400, the CO2 and CH4 formed are removed by refrigeration under high pressure. The liquid product separates into 2 layers which can be further separated. The main fraction (about 60%) consists of PrOH, BuOH, and AmOH, higher alcohols are also formed.