2611. ------. [PATART, G.] Methanol Synthesis. British Patent 252,361, May 25, 1925. Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 2,274.

Catalysts for synthesis of MeOH and other oxygenated organic compounds comprise basic combinations of ZnO with metallic oxides of an acid character, the compounds containing at least 2 mol. proportions of ZnO to 1 of the acidic oxide. Basic chromates, vanadates, tungstates, and manganates of Zn may be used. With chromates, 3 mol proportions of ZnO to 1 of Cr oxide are preferably used. "Zn yellow" containing sulfate may be used as catalyst; and the catalyst used is preferably agglomerated with a binder such as gum tragacanth. When S compounds accumulate in the catalyst they are eliminated by heating to redness in an open crucible or by slow circulation through an oxidizing flame; this treatment regenerates the catalyst.