2608. ------. [PATART, G.] [Methanol and Liquid Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.] French Patent 593,648, Feb. 7, 1925. British Chem. Abs., B, 1927, p. 347.

Gas mixtures containing H2 and CO and C2H4 or its higher gaseous homologs are submitted to the action of the catalysts used in the synthesis of MeOH. Thus a mixture of 23% C2H4, 22% CO, 49% H2, 1.2% CO2, 0.5% O2, and 4% N2 was passed over a basic Zn chromate catalyst at 300 and 150-250 atm. pressure; the cooled reaction product formed 2 layers of which the upper consisted of hydrocarbons d.15 0.735 and possessed the fluorescence characteristic of some petroleum hydrocarbons. The lower layer was almost pure MeOH, d.13 0.805, b. p. 66-68.