2587. PARKHURST, G. L. (Standard Oil Co. of Indiana). Processing Fluids From Distillate Wells or the Like. United States Patent 2,324,172, July 13, 1943; appl. filed Oct. 31, 1940, Serial No. 363,737; 3 claims (Cl. 44-50). Chem. Abs., vol. 38, 1944, p. 474.

Describes arrangement of apparatus, and a method is employed for maximum recovery from a high-pressure petroleum reservoir and preparing liquid hydrocarbons from high-pressure well fluids recovered therefrom, which involves simultaneously generating O2 and a byproduct of the O2 generation at about the pressure of high-pressure reservoir, injecting this high-pressure byproduct gas into a high-pressure petroleum reservoir to effect maximum recovery of high-pressure well fluids, separating these well fluids at a high pressure into at least 1 fraction rich in normally gaseous hydrocarbons and at least 1 fraction rich in distillate motor-fuel hydrocarbons, generating a synthesis gas comprising CO and H2 by treating the normally gaseous hydrocarbons at an elevated temperature in the presence of the generated O2, subjecting the synthesis gas to an exothermic hydrocarbon synthesis step, and fractionating the resulting product into at least 1 gas fraction and at least 1 liquid fraction, the liquid fraction being rich in motor-fuel hydrocarbons.