2583. -----. [PARKER, P. T.] (Standard Oil Development Co.). Synthesis of Alcohol From Olefins, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrogen. United States Patent 2,595,096, Apr. 29, 1952; appl. filed May 20, 1948, Serial No. 28,256; 5 claims (Cl. 260-638).

Oxo process, as usually performed, is carried out in contact with a Co catalyst and at pressures <4,500 p. s. i. g. to produce oxygenated reaction products comprising organic carbonyl compounds, which are reduced to alcohols and aldehydes by hydrogenation and then distilled. The process is improved by hydrolyzing the residues from the alcohol distillation process in a neutral medium at temperatures >300 F. and then hydrogenating a portion of the products thus obtained to increase the overall yield of alcohols.