2579. ------. [PARDUN, H.] (Noblee & Thörl G. m. b. H.). Separating Mixtures of Compounds of Unsaponifiable and Saponifiable Matter Such as Oxidation Products of Hydrocarbons. United States Patent 2,283,456, May 19, 1942. Chem. Abs., vol. 36, 1942, p. 6169.

Mixture such as one formed by oxidizing hydrogenation products of CO is saponified with an aqueous solution of a basic agent such as NaOH, and the resulting aqueous saponification product is injected into melted anhydrous soap, so that H2O and a portion of unsaponifiable matter are removed by volatilization and the molten soap becomes again anhydrous, and the remainder of the unsaponifiable matter is distilled from the soap in a high vacuum.