2578. ------. [PARDUN, H.] (Noblee & Thörl G. m. b. H.). [Process for Separating Unsaponifiable Components From Their Mixtures With Saponifiable Components.] German Patent Appl. N 43,538, Aug. 23, 1939 (Cl. IV a-23 e). FIAT Reel K-20, frames 452-457; PB 70,211.

This method provides for the H2O-containing saponification product being injected into the already melted soap at temperatures of 275°-325°. By this means, the H2O and part of the unsaponifiable substance is eliminated. The remaining unsaponifiable substance is then distilled off in a high vacuum under pressures <2 mm. Hg. Two stills have to be passed, the 2d preferably acting as film evaporator.