2568. OXLEY, H. F. (Celanese Corp. of America). Aliphatic Acids and Esters from Carbon Monoxide and Primary Aliphatic Alcohols. United States Patent 1,927,414, Sept. 19, 1933; appl. filed Aug. 5, 1930, Serial No. 473,287 in Great Britain Aug. 22, 1929; 21 claims (Cl. 260-116). Chem. Abs., vol. 27, 1933, p. 5755.

Products such as MeOAc and HOAc are formed by causing CO to react upon a primary aliphatic alcohol such as MeOH in the presence of an inorganic acidic catalyst such as pyrophosphoric acid, which contains at least 1 acidic hydroxyl group directly linked to a nonmetallic element in the presence of a promoter such as Fe or Mn formate.