2549. ------. [ODELL, W. W.] (Standard Oil Development Co.). Process for Treating Hydrocarbon Synthesis Tail Gas. United States Patent 2,554,264, May 22, 1951; appl. filed Oct. 26, 1948, Serial No. 56,632; 5 claims (Cl. 260-449.6).

Tail gas from the hydrocarbon synthesis plant is prepared for recirculation by passing it in countercurrent contact with finely divided hot carbonaceous solids while the solids and gas are flowing through a pebble stove. A 1-way fluid flow with a gradient temperature from a maximum at 1 end to a minimum at the opposite end is continuously maintained in the pebble stone. This treatment destroys tail-gas constituents deleterious to the synthesis catalyst and reconverts CO2 to CO. 3 United States patents cited.