2547. ------. [ODELL, W. W.] Effecting Chemical Reactions Such as Heat Treatments of Hydrocarbons, Oil Shale. United States Patent 1,984,380, Dec. 18, 1934; appl. filed Dec. 17, 1929. Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 918.

Gaseous stream initially containing a plurality of gaseous fluids such as CH4 and steam capable of reacting with each other, as for the production of CO and H2, is passed upward through a mass of granular catalytic material of considerable depth, such as 1 containing Ni, Co, or Al2O3, at such a rate that the layer of catalytic material is maintained in a state of motion presenting the appearance of a boiling liquid, while a suitable reaction temperature is maintained. Describes apparatus which is suitable for various other reactions also.