2538. OBLAD, A. G., AND MESSENGER, J. U. (Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc.). Catalytic Isomerization of Olefinic Hydrocarbons. United States Patent 2,471,647, May 31, 1949; appl. filed Mar. 4, 1946, Serial No. 651,990; 3 claims (Cl. 260-683.2). Chem. Abs., vol. 43, 1949, p. 5939.

Straight-chain olefins containing 4-6 C atoms per mol. are converted to branched-chain olefins by subjecting the former to temperatures of 500-950 F. in the presence of an alumina catalyst impregnated with HF. A light naphtha cut from Fischer-Tropsch synthetic hydrocarbon product containing pentenes and hexenes can be converted to an equilibrium mixture containing high % of branched-chain olefins.