2530. ------. [NIELSEN, H., AND LAING, B.] Hydrogen From Water Gas. British Patent 342,817, Nov. 22, 1929. Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 4388.

Water gas, obtained as described in British Patent 292,060 (abs. 2529) or by gasifying coke obtained by high-temperature distillation from fuel of 0.03- to 2.0- in. cube, may have its CH4 content converted by steam in the presence of a catalyst to CO and H2, or its CO converted to CO2 with production of H2. Water gas from low-temperature distillation semicoke may be catalytically converted to obtain higher paraffin hydrocarbons, and CH4 formed may be removed and converted to H2, CO, and CO2.