2529. NIELSEN, H., AND LAING, B. Distilling Solid Fuels of Coking Character. British Patent 292,060, Dec. 4, 1926. Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 1248.

Material treated is subjected to the action of hot gases containing a controlled quantity of O2 (2-8%) or an oxidizing constituent to oxidize some of the coking constituents and influence their coking power, and, after carbonization, the solid residue is treated with steam to effect gasification. Carbonizing may be effected at 600 or lower, followed by a high-temperature treatment up to 1,200. A free-burning residue is obtained, which is not coated with a graphitic C and is easily oxidized by the O of ores such as oxides of Cu or Fe or by steam in a water-gas producer. Gives various details.