2523. NATTA, G., AND BEATI, E. Production of Aldehydes. British Patent 646,424, Nov. 22, 1950. Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 5714.

Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic aldehydes are obtained from olefins and cycloalkenes (boiling not below the reaction temperature), H2 and CO at a temperature above 80 and at a pressure of 10-50 atm. in the presence of a Co-containing catalyst. A preferred catalyst is partly reduced CoO activated with up to 2% Fe2O3 and supported on a carrier. Thus, to Me (CH2) 15CH:CH2 1 and catalyst 0.1 kg. (obtained by partial reduction of basic carbonates of Co 98% and Fe 2% with H2 at 350) in a 3-1. tank are added CO and H2 at a pressure of 12 atm. The mixture is heated at 100-110 and the addition of CO and H2 continued until absorption ceases, to yield mainly Me (CH2) 16CHMeCHO and Me(CH2) 18CHO containing small quantities of the corresponding alcohols. Gives other examples.