2500. NARAGON, E. A., VERGILIO, J. H., AND MILLENDORF, A. J. (The Texas Co.). Regenerating Cobalt Catalysts by Oxidation. United States Patent 2,626,246, Jan. 20, 1953; appl. filed Jan. 29, 1949, Serial No. 73,533; 7 claims (Cl. 252-416).

Co catalysts that have been used in conversion of CO, H2, and olefins to carbonylic products can be regenerated by contact with an O2-N2 mixture at 100-400 F. for at least 4 hr. The O2-N2 mixture has a composition of 1-25% O2 and 75-99% N2. Air makes a good regenerating gas. The regeneration may be done in situ. 4 United States patents cited.