3759.     ZEITSCHRIFT DES VEREINS DEUTSCHER INGENIEURE.  [Diesel Fuels From Coal.]  Vol. 83, No. 47, 1939, pp. 1240-1241; Kohle u. Erz, vol. 36, 1939, p. 278; Coke Smokeless-Fuel Age, vol. 2, 1940, pp. 70-71.

        H. Kölbel claims to have developed stable diesel fuels from coal-tar oil and Kogasin, utilizing the selective solvent action of the latter to remove constituents liable to cause coking.  The process is said to be applicable also to low-temperature tar oils.  The latter have inherently higher cetene nos.  Synthetic hydrocarbons of the Kogasin type have a cetene no. of 120, and, when about 38% is mixed with tar oil of 20 cetene no., a diesel fuel of 60 cetene no. is obtained, which is equal, in ignition qualities to commercial diesel oil of petroleum origin.  A 45:55 Kogasin-coal-tar-oil mixture shows better properties than an unnamed petroleum fuel.