3758.     ZABOLOTSKIĬ, T. V., AND SNIGUROVSKA, Y. O.  [Determination of the Surface of Iron Catalyst in Ammonia Synthesis.]  Ber. Pissarjewsky Inst. physik. Chem., Akad. Wiss. Ukr. S. S. R., vol. 12, 1940, pp. 23-30 (in German, p. 31); Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 2685.

        About 1 gm. of the Fe catalyst used in NH3 synthesis was placed in a tube kept at 23 and containing a benzene solution of the dye.  At definite time intervals, samples of solution were withdrawn and the dye concentration was determined with a photocolorimeter.  The areas were calculated by the method of Emmett and Brunauer (abs. 822).  The areas also were determined by the method of Gaukhman and Roiter (abs. 1164) with N2 and A at temperatures close to their condensation points.  Definite relationship was established between both methods.

        ZAHNSTECHER, L. W.  See abs. 1708.