3754.     YENSEN, T. D.  Evidence Obtained by X-Ray Analysis of Films of Iron in Magnetic Fields as to the Ultimate Nature of Magnetism.  Phys. Rev., vol. 32, 1928, pp. 114-123; Chem. Abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 3580.

        Results of other workers showed that there is no change in crystal structure of single crystals of magnetite and hematite when placed in strong magnetic fields.  In the present investigation, films of electrolytic Fe were analyzed by X-rays to determine whether there is any change in the random orientation of the minute crystals, of the order of 150 ., found in these films when placed in strong magnetic fields up to 2,600 gausses.  If so, the uniform circular diffraction patterns resulting from the randomly oriented crystals should, because of the preferred orientation, be changed to show greater or less density along a diameter parallel to the applied magnetic force than along the other perpendicular to it.  The circles were analyzed microphotometrically and the results indicate no change in the orientation.  The average of all the measurements is a ratio of the intensities along the 2 diagrams of 1.000.08, the variation being attributed to incidental sources arising from the developing and handling of the film.  Conclusion:  The most minute crystal aggregates in Fe are not oriented in a magnetic field.  This lends strength to the previous conclusion in regard to the ultimate nature of magnetism, namely, that the magneton is an atomic property.

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