3739.     ---------------.  [WORLD PETROLEUM.]  Centrifugal Compressors Completed for Carthage Hydrocol Plant.  Vol. 20, 1949, pp. 58-59.

        Two mammoth centrifugal compressors for the Hydrocol plant have been built by Clark Bros., Olean, N. Y.  Each of the compressor units consists of 3 cases to be installed in tandem for drive through by a single steam turbine.  Designed capacity is to compress 110,000 cu. ft. of air per minute to 100 p.s.i.g.  The 1st 2 cases operate in parallel, the 3d acting as a 2d stage.  Power requirement is 23,000 b. hp.  A total of 24 units with an installed hp. of over 80,000 will be used to compress 6 different gases involved in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.  Some special nonferrous metals have been adopted in order to guard against O2 and to provide adequate intercooling between the various compressor cases.  Internal parts of the O2 compressors are made of bronze alloy and are water-cooled, a special bronze diaphragm being used to obtain a high rate of cooling.  2 photographs given.

        WORTHINGTON, H.  See abs. 607.