3738.     WORLD PETROLEUM.  Humble Considers Erecting Gas-Conversion Plant on Gulf Coast.  Vol. 17, No. 1, 1946, p. 63.

        In addition to the Hydrocol plant now being built in Brownsville, Tex., 2 plants are being considered for construction in the Hugoton gas field extending from western Kansas to the Texas panhandle.  Humble has not indicated the proposed location.  In common with other operators of cycling plants in the Gulf coastal areas of Oklahoma and Texas, Humble is carefully conserving gas as a reserve of motor fuel raw material.  At current prices, natural gas at the wellhead in Texas is bringing only about 10% of its B.t.u. value when compared with liquid fuel.  In common with most other large companies in the oil industry, Standard Oil is devoting a considerable portion of its research and development work to gas- and coal-conversion processes.  An extensive abstract of Murphree’s recent talk before the American Gas Association (abs. 2344) is included.