3736a.     WOOD, W. L.  Production of Gaseous Hydrocarbons From Coals and Their Tars.  Oil Shale Cannel Coal Conf., vol. 2, 1951, pp. 690-709; Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 11,630.

          Cannel coals were studied as a possible source of olefinic gases to be used by the chemical industries in England.  Low-temperature assays were conducted on samples from most of the major seams, and semicommercial tests were run on a high and a low oil-yield cannel.  The light oils and tars were cracked at high temperatures and the carbonization and cracking gases analyzed.  Some properties of the liquid products and the analyses and yields of gases are given.  It is concluded that, even with simplified equipment charging high-grade cannel coals, the process could not produce olefins at a cost competitive with those available from petroleum cracking.

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