3727.     WIRTH, G.  [Evaluation of Converters for Exothermic and Endothermic Catalytic Reactions Occurring Within Narrow Temperature Limits.]  Tom Reel 134, sec. I-B, item 37, July 4, 1952; Bureau of Mines Inf. Circ. 7,587, 1950, 13 pp.

        In exothermic and endothermic catalytic reactions, control of the temperature is of utmost importance.  Basic calculations are developed for determining catalyst volumes of various types of reactors that give particular temperature distributions.  With the help of the formulas evolved, the individual types of construction are compared with regard to cooling surface and space utilization.  To select a converter of the proper size, it is necessary to consider still other factors that do not appear in the calculations; for example, height of the catalyst bed, linear gas velocity, ease of discharging, construction costs, and maintenance and operating costs.  It is believed that the information contained in this paper may prove of value to workers in the field of catalytic reactor design.