3724.     WINKLER, L.  [Place of Gas in German Energy Supply.]  Gas- u. Wasserfach, vol. 78, 1935, pp. 845-848, 876-880; Chem. Abs., vol. 30, 1936, p. 1208.

        Discussion of competition of gas with electricity and with solid fuels.  A gas of higher heating value than the present 430-450 B.t.u. gas is advocated, as offering a lower unit cost.  Low temperature distillation is advocated to produce larger volumes of liquid fuel and a gas of higher heating value, which may be scrubbed to remove heavy hydrocarbons.  Motor-fuel synthesis from manufactured gas by the Fischer process also is advocated, and attention is called to yield of gas of higher heating value from this process in addition to motor fuel.

        WINSAUER, W. O.  See abs. 1269.