3722.     WINKLER, -----.  [Synthesis of Ethyl Alcohol -- Preparation of Ethyl Alcohol From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Under Pressure.]  Ind. agr. aliment., vol. 66, 1949, pp. 159-160; British Abs., 1950, B, II, p. 2.

        Mixture of CO and H2 (3:1) is passed through a reaction tube at 300-320 and 180-200 atm. in contact with a catalyst containing Fe2O3, K2CO3, and ZrO2.  Fractionation of the product yields an alcohol fraction equal to 25 gm. per m.3 of gas and containing 60-70% of EtOH.  The reaction tube of 120 mm. diameter produces 1,500 kg. of EtOH per month.