3721a.     WINDFELD, M. E.  Adsorption and Hydrogenation of Gases on Transition Metals.  Australian Jour. Sci. Research, vol. A 4, 1951, pp. 385-405; Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 1,939.

          Behavior of gases chemisorbed at the surface of face-centered cubic crystals of transition metals is discussed by considering simple models of the surface and the possible arrangements of the gas molecules on them.  Molecular, atomic and ionic adsorbates are considered.  In using such bond energies and lattice parameters as are available, models are suggested for the structures of the adsorbates of O2, H2, C2H4, C2H2, and CO on Cu, Ni and Fischer-Tropsch catalysts.  From the properties of these models, mechanisms are suggested for the hydrogenation of C2H4 on Ni and for the Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbon synthesis.

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