3714.     WILLIAMS, P. N.  Synthetic Fats.  Chem. and Ind., No. 19, 1947, pp. 251-255.

        Historical review of the process for producing synthetic fats by the oxidation of hydrocarbons to fatty acids; the method developed by the Deutsche Fettsäure Werke, Witten, Germany, for the manufacture of synthetic fatty acids from the Fischer-Tropsch wax (gatsch) is described in some detail.  The total yield of crude fatty acids by this process is said to be 80% on the hydrocarbon oxidized.  The margarine product obtained by the esterification of the fatty acids with glycerin is described and analyzed.  The product was found to be palatable and suitable for human consumption, although its nutritional value is still considered doubtful.  From information available it appears that not only was the cost of producing the acids considerably greater than the cost of natural fatty acids; namely, ₤65-₤77 per ton at 10 RM to the ₤, but the synthetic fat was even more expensive, ₤177 per ton.  It is further stated that if paraffin wax at ₤44 per ton could be obtained as raw material, the production of synthetic fatty acid in England would cost ₤91-₤96 per ton and the synthetic fat ₤205 per ton.