3700.     WILLCOX, O. W.  Cheap Oxygen Is Major Factor in United States.  Fischer-Tropsch Adaptation World Petrol., vol. 18, 1947, 7th Ann. Refinery Issue, pp. 78-79, 104.

        Value of cheap O2 to the coal, steel, and oil industries is noted, and particular mention is made of the changes that have been effected by it in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technique.  The development of the Linde, Fränkl-Linde, and M-7 (National Defense Research Committee and M. W. Kellogg Co.) processes for the manufacture of O2 from air is outlined, and the advantages of the latter process are emphasized.  A brief description of the Stanolind plant in Kansas is given, and the estimated costs of O2 produced at this plant and at the Hydrocol plant in Texas are compared with recent estimates of costs at small O2 plants.

        WILLEKE, H.  See abs. 3058.