3696.     ---------------.  [WILKE, G.]  [Production and Purification of Gas for the Synthesis of Benzine.]  Chem. Fabrik, vol. 11, 1938, pp. 563-568; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 1911.

        For about 2 yr. 4 plants with a total yearly capacity of 300,000 tons of benzine have been operating the Fischer-Ruhrchemie process, and 5 more with a yearly capacity of 225,000 tons are under construction.  Automobile and airplane lubricants of high quality have been made recently from the crude products of the process, and the paraffin fraction has been converted into fatty acids on a commercial scale for over a year.  The ratio CO:H2 must be held close to 1:2, and the gas be almost dust-free, contain not over 0.2 gm. H2S or organic S per 100 m.3, and contain no resin-forming substances.  There is now no producer for the direct gasification of coking coal, but Krupp-Lurgi has recently developed a process for producing strong lump coke suitable for this synthesis.  Producers for noncoking coals, brown coals, and others, by the Viag, Koppers, Pintsch-Hillebrand, Winteshall-Schmalfeldt, Bubiag-Didier, and Lurgi processes are described.