3692.     ---------------.  [WIETZEL, G.]  [Preparation of Fatty Acids by the Oxidation of Paraffin.]  Fette u. Seifen, vol. 46, 1939, pp. 21-25; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 9024.

        Fatty acid mixtures obtained by the commercial oxidation of paraffin contain, as a rule, all the products obtainable by breaking the C to C linkage between each adjacent pair of CH2 groups and oxidizing them to COOH groups.  The composition of such fatty acid mixtures suggests that the CH2 groups nearer the center of the paraffin chain are the ones most prone to oxidation.  Usual analytical methods are suitable for determining the I, OH, ester, and carbonyl numbers of the fatty acid mixtures.