3690.     WIETZEL, G.  [Preparation of Synthetic Fatty Acids for the Manufacture of Soap.]  Klepzig’s Textil-Ztschr., vol. 41, 1938, pp. 528-529; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 9537.

        Air is passed for 10-30 hr. through liquid paraffin at 90°-160° in the presence of suitable catalysts.  The oxidized product is washed first with an aqueous solvent and later with a base.  Any ingredients that cannot be saponified are removed either by extraction with a solvent or by distillation.  The crude soap is treated with a diluted acid to liberate the fatty acid, which is then fractionally distilled.  Soft soap, soap powder, household soap, and toilet soap can be obtained in this way.