3687.     WIDEMANN, M.  [Solubility of Hydrogen in Iron.]  Anz. Maschinenwes., vol. 64, No. 11, suppl., 1942, p. 17-19; Chem. Zentralb., 1942, II, p. 2194; Chem. Abs., vol. 38, 1944, p. 2603.

        Absorption of H2 by liquid Fe, by Fe products during heat treatment in H2-containing atmospheres, and by Fe during pickling is explained.  Dissolved and absorbed H2 are partly lost during hot and cold working or by exposure of metal to the atmosphere.  H2 causes decarburization in Fe-C alloys and decreased watt loss in transformer steel sheets.  X-ray examination shows H2 is dissolved in the a- and γ-lattices, produces an increase in lattice constant, and acts especially on the intercrystalline material.

        WIEDEKING, K.  See abs. 1032, 1033.