3686.     WICKE, E.  [Theoretical and Practical Investigation of the Adsorption Velocity of Gases on Porous Substances.]  Ztschr. Elektrochem., vol. 44, 1939, pp. 587-590; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 1200.

        For the velocity of adsorption and desorption of gases on porous solids, formulas are obtained, based on the following assumptions:  Porous solids have a pile of spheres structure, the spaces between the solid fragments being the macropores; the micropores extend fjordlike into the solid particles and fill relatively rapidly, so that the velocity of sorption is determined solely by the transport of gases in the macropores.  The effective diffusion coefficient for CO2 calculated from the sorption velocity has the same order of magnitude as that calculated from the resistance to the flow of the gas through the solid absorbents.